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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  June 23, 2012 6:00pm-6:30pm PDT

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and move the crowd into -- the dough -- this celebration brings people from around the country and around the world. for some it's been momentum to us for the lgbt community. president obama voicing support of same-sex marriage. i talked to one couple who is eagerly waiting for same-sex marriage to become legal. >> i am a u.s. citizen, and my partner is a french citizen, and if we could get married like a map and a woman, she would be able to have her green card and citizenship in the united states like a straight couple. >> the pride celebrations are going to mean plenty of street closures and bus route changes through the center spine of the stay, from the castro down through civic center, taking
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place tomorrow as well. right here, the dolores park, we're expecting this march is going to be starting off here, and they're going to weave through the neighborhood and then end in the castro and the party is going to continue on through midnight. reporting live, as soon as -- abc-7 news. >> alan: victims of the holocaust were honored at the pink try angle ceremony. friends laid out a pink trying - triangle, signifying man's imhumannity to others. the nazis identified homosexual individual with a pink try try -- triangle. >> we make america more american. >> alan: civic and religious leader attended the ceremony as part of gay pride weekend right
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here in san francisco. and take a look at sally. that's right. she said she'll be marching in the gay pride parade tomorrow with the bad rap contingent. that's an acronym for the bay area dog lovers responsible about pit bulls. we'd love to see your videos from flied -- pride events. 0. >> ama: in oakland, hundreds marched against recent school closures and occupied one of the closed schools for more than a week ask vow to stay. lisa amin gulezian has more. >> the school board shut down five schools and foreclosed on 1,000 of our children. >> hundreds gathered to demand change, and then they marched. [chanting] >> parents, teachers, students, and people who are simply
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concerned with the direction of education, united. they want the oakland unified school district to re-open five elementary schools. the board voted to close. the outrage has prompted a sit-in at lakeview elementary where parents and children set up tents and have been camping out since last friday. on monday, police posted warning signs ordering occupiers to leave. the group refuses to budge. >> we want them to re-open the school or resign or revote and be heroes instead of standing in our way so we can improve public education. >> as for revisiting the school closure discussions, that's a decision the board would have to make but i think it's extremely unlikely. >> the district insists right now there are way too many schools in a city of this size, and student enrollment is dropping. officials say consolidating will make the school system more efficient and it will save the district $5.7 million. >> could we keep these schools
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open if we wanted to keep limping along the same way we have and only make small changes? probably. but that won't get the district to where we need to go. >> they've set it up to fail. >> many here insist the district is making matters worse. they're sure the change in schools will cause confusion and only add to problems. >> attendance will go down because it's too far away. they're not connected to the school. they're not connected to the teachers. they're going to get lost. >> reporter: several protesters have gotten into the school and are offering to teach free summer school classes to children who used to attend lakeview elementary in oakland, lisa amin gulezian, abc-7 news. >> alan: tonight the man caught on video for whipping his son after he dropped a baseball has been charged with felony child abuse. sanchez is shown repeatedly hitting the 10-year-old in the video taken by a neighbor in el centro, california. the abuse came after a game of
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catch. soon after the video was made public, sanchez resigned his post-with the water district. prosecutors have charged him with corporal injury to a child and child abuse. sanchez is pry on $100,000 bail. >> ama: jerry sandusky is on suicide watch inside a pennsylvania jail, according to his attorneys. >> alan: the jury found the former penn state football coach guilty of sexually abusing young bays over a 15-year period. >> ama: the 68-year-old will likely spend the rest of his life behind bars. >> jerry sandusky woke up in a pennsylvania jail saturday, his wife, dotishing arrived at the jail saturday afternoon. but left after about ten minutes. less than 24 hours after a jury found him guilty of 45 of 48 counts related to sexually abusing boys. one juror spoke about the high profile case on nbc's today show. >> i wasn't rattled by the emotions. i think we were focused on the
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facts and determining credibility. i looked at him during the reading of the verdict, and just the look on his face, no real emotion. >> san discuss ski's attorney shot down the observation. >> when i look at him during the verksd i could see tears running down his eyes, to the extent something said he was emotionless, that's not true. >> police took sandusky to jail shortly after the verdict was delivered. attorneys say they plan to appeal. [applause] >> the guilty verdict set off cheers outside the courthouse friday night. the pennsylvania attorney general says there's an important lesson to learn from this trial. >> we have continue to focus on child sexual abuse and to shine a bright light in those dark, dark places where the jerry san discuss skis of the world lurk. places which definitely exist in our society. >> the mother of one victim says, no wins. we've all lost. then she hugged her son.
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abc-7 news. >> ama: a san francisco homeless man is becoming a celebrity after his youtube video have gotten more than 80,000 hits. mo has been living on the streets of san francisco for four years about it wasn't until recently that he met his new pal, ryan. silicon valley advertising executive discovered a whole new side of mo after he gave him his flip cam and asked him to document a day in his life. >> i met mo, and part of what i'm doing is just telling his story. he has got a story. it's just most people don't know what it is. >> said take your time, and a day. >> mo has hundreds of followers on facebook and launched his own youtube channel to view the video go to our web site,, click "see it on tv". >> alan: a grass fire in the north bay.
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why authorities believe it was caused by teenagers. >> ama: the changing face of divorce. a group that has doubled in the past 20 years. >> alan: a community-wide baby shower. showering moms with gift and information can make a huge difference. >> i am in the accuweather forecast center. it's been a relatively cool first few days of summer.
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>> ama: the chp just re-opened two southbound lanes of 101 near the 280 split that were shut down from a brush fire. we have pictures of the flames. a quarter to 578 the fire was reported in the silver terrace neighborhood. two southbound lanes were closed north of silver avenue. firefighters made quick work of brush fire in mill valley. this happened in the 300 block of monford. flames went right up to an -- a rescue. a neighbor said she saw two girls smoking in the field before the fire broke out. >> firefighters are battling a fire in northern colorado and had to retreat for their safety. the blaze that's purposing near ft. collins has scorched more than 118-miles and destroyed at least 1 # 1 homes. crews stationed near threatened homes have had to back off and the team commander says containment has slipped from 60%
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to 45%. and high winds and high temperatures are challenging a crew fighting a fire near salt lake city utah. no structures have burned. officials believe the fire was started by target shooters and is now 30% contained. >> ama: in a little less than 12 hours from now egypt will announce the results of the first ever presidential election. thousands of supporters for the muslim brotherhood shot off fireworks in anticipation of their side winning. no matter who wins, the assumption is he will be under the thumb of the military. who appointed the ecollection commission that counted the vote. >> are you alone inside the house? >> alan: the scary moment for a child home alone as thieves break into this house. >> ama: what is up for sunday? spencer christian has the
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forecast. >> rick: in sports, bay area native is getting revved up for the big nascar race in sonoma, and after losing a tough one the giants last night, the a's are
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>> alan: an 11-year-old florida boy kept his cool when three people broke into his home while he was alone. he called 9-1-1. >> what did they yell? >> i don't know. i'm in any room. i'm under my bed. >> do you know how they got in the house? >> the breck the glass. >> the thieves tossed a hammer through the window, they ransacked the house, taking jewelry and tearing up the boy's
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school certificates, police arrived and pull the boy and his dog to safety. three teens were soon taken into custody and all of the jewelry was recovered. >> ama: wow, scary. a new study finds gastric bypass surgery will reverse diabetes but the disease returns within three to five years. researchers examined the records of 72 obese people. they had type 2 diabetes and underwent a bypass proceed hugh. and the sooner the obese people with diabetes, the better. >> fertility drugs could affect height of children. there's a difference of height among children who conceived uses ovarian stimulation drugs. the children were about an inch shorter but within the normal range. loan lan the out has the highest
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divorce rate in the world but it isn't the young couples calling it quits. the divorce rate over 50 has doubled. the number is one in four. and 66% favor divorce over an unhappy marriage. >> increasing lie these are baby-boomers, the first generation to come of age when we saw the rapid acceleration of divorce, and we know that remarriages are more likely to end in divorce than first marriages. >> alan: researcher susan brown adds when you're 65 and retire, you can live another 20-25 years and that can play a factor in that decision. >> ama: a community baby shower got underway in richmond, good at helping new moms in the african-american current. cross, cross, -- mothers
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received diaper bags filled with baby wipes, tippy cups and other items. >> everyone coming together, to just look out for the needs or mothers like myself. >> i don't know everyone knows that the opportunities for african-american low birth weight and infant death or quite great for african-american babies than they are for other babies. >> ama: research tables offered moms on service available to them, including parenting workshops. >> alan: spencer christian is in for leigh glaser. still feeling the cooling trend. >> today we he the sun and next week we'll have the warmth. how about this live view at santa cruz beach right now. clear skies. sunny there for most of the afternoon. the temperature topped out at santa cruz at 73 this afternoon. that was the place to be. right now, let's look at the live don her 7hd, showing we
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have no cloud cover approaching any part of the central bay area right now. we have clear skies. no precipitation threatening us as the drizzle did yesterday. temperatures, mainly sunny, 61 in san francisco. 62 in oakland. milder inland in the east bay. 68 degrees in antioch, san hoe says, 68. the warm spot, los gatos at 72. these are the highlights. clouds return to the coast tonight. partly cloudy skies will push beyond the coast across the bay tonight. sunny skies in the afternoon. next few days and we'll see a warmer pattern beginning mid-week next week. the satellite radar come -- shows this circumstance lying around the low is producing cool nights and mild afternoons for us. the wind flow is pushing away encloseds from the coast and that's why we have cloud-free
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conditions. low temperatures when we see partly cloudy conditions redeveloping, in mainly in the upper 40s inland. and mid-40s in santa rosa and napa, and lows around 50 degrees near the bay and the coast. tomorrow, couple of big events. start with the pride read, which begins at 10:30 tomorrow morning in san francisco. conditions, partly cloudy, a 4 degrees. by noon, a little more sunshine. temperature on the low 60s and by 3:00 in the afternoon, completely sunny, breezy, and temperature about 60 degrees, and unin sonoma county, we have the nascar sprint cup series races going on tomorrow. 10:00 tomorrow morning. partly cloudy, low 50s. by noon, sunnier, upper 60s. by. >> breezy and mild with temperature in the low 70s. now in the south bay, sunny skies with highs in the low 70s. 71 or 72 in most locations. on the peninsula, mid-to-upper 60s. low 6os on coast. north bay highs will be mainly
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in the upper 60s to low 70s. around 72 at santa rosa and napa. east bay, 69 at fremont. inland, milder, lows to mid-70s there. and monterey bay, highs in the upper 60s. here's the accuweather seven-day forecast. by mid-week next week we get some warmth. temperatures back in a more soldier -- seasonal range until that appoint we have sunny and pleasant conditions but temperatures remain about eight to ten degrees cooler than the average for this time of the year. that's just for three or more days. >> ama: it's a little cool for summer but not bad for baseball. >> heating up. after blowing a two-run lead last night the a's are trying to even the series with the giants. madison bumgarner got the start and oakland got off 0 a fast
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stop. josh reddick made it 2-0a's. the giants come right back, pablo sap dough val with the single to left. that allows buster posey to score from first. san francisco would tie the game at 2. the a's went back in front on this gomes slow she shot. now the top of the sixth, the giants have taken a 6-4 lead. thanks in part to a brandon belt two-run homer. nascar's making its annual stop in sonoma this weekend with the save mart 350. the drivers went through their final tuneups today. a.j. allmendinger will be looking for his first sprint cup victory. racing in the number 22 shell car, the same car kurt busch won with last year at sonoma. allmendinger enjoys road courses and believes he might have a little homefield advantage. >> for me, it's just being a hometown race. i grew up racing road courses and street courses and go-karting and open wheel racing when i raced champ cars.
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so i love this place. and i feel like it's always a great opportunity for me to have a chance to win the race. this car won last year with kurt busch so we have a lot of good notes and looking forward it to. >> last year, dinger finished 13th. >> spain's banking system may be the trouble but its soccer team as able to cash in against france. spain had not beaten france in their last seven meetings. the 19th ming, -- minute, the great pass and score. check out the replay. spain takes the lead. the french did not get much offense. the free kick is turned around. franz on shot on goal. then rodriguez is brought down in the penalty area, setting up a free kick by alon -- alonso who doesn't miss. in human beingow, brad stuart fount his way back to san jose. after acquiring his rights from
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detroit earlier this month, the sharks today signed him to a three-year contract. a first-round pick in 1998. stuart played more than five seasons here before being traded as part of a joe thornton deal. stuart's family still lives in san jose. >> tiger and phil are taking the week off but the pga tour rolls on with this stop in connecticut. this is third round action from the travelers championship. u.s. open champ webb simpson shot a 68. this is his second shot on the par-4 second. stops a foot from the hole. 7-under, five strokes back. bubba watson is trying to rebound from the disaster yours open. a # 5 puts him 8 under. a fast start by brian davis put him at the of the leaderboard. he and thatcher are tied for the lead at 12-under par. >> big difference a week makes. these guys are 12-under. they were at the olympic club, though.
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not the u.s. open. >> alan: coming up, there's a new pickup party out there. >> ama: involves a dark bar and smelly t-shirts. show you how that works
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>> ama: coming up at 11:00, robbery caught on tape. what led up to the attack and how the victim was able to get away. plus, identity theft at the gas station. how tens of thousands of credit cards were targeted. those stories and much more tonight at 11:00. >> alan: now you can sniff your way to love. yes, there is a new twist on dating and it's not online. pheromone parties are now all the rage.
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party-goers are asked to submit a slept-in t-shirt that will be sniffed, and the theory is you pick your partner based on they're scent, which happens in the animal kingdom. parties have been held in los angeles and new york and san francisco is next on the list. >> ama: can't wait. >> alan: never know. >> ama: whatever works. captioned by closed captioning services inc.
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